Monday, January 19, 2009

As If…

John McCain is deluded.

After running a depressing, dismal and drifting campaign for president where anything appearing to be associated with vision was left on the curb, he now forms a political action committee and expects to draft all the people that signed up on his site and donated money?

McCain has always been a goof to me. Yes, I donated money to his doomed campaign, the first time I’ve donated money to a political organization in my life. But I did in in SPITE of Johnny, not because of him.

I did it because he did the one smart and bright thing in his non-descript political life- choosing a core conservative for his running mate.

And then the lackeys and goons on his staff hog tied Sarah and scripted her every move and word. John seemed to do his best work since leaving the military dedicated to handing the election over to Barry. It seems even more obvious now that Barry and Johnny are cut of the same cloth- they’re now buddy-buddy plotting the spread of wealth, wasteful spending trying to alter the sun’s impact on earths climate, and increasing taxes. Woohoo!

This is the email I got from Johnny (the last one as I immediately clicked on the link to take me off the goofballs email list), along with a few added comments:

From: John McCain []
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 11:52 AM
Subject: Putting Country First

My Friend, (Will he PLEASE stop saying that? Does anyone else find this annoying and condescending?)

In the time since the 2008 presidential campaign ended (mercifully) I have had a chance to reflect on many things (none of which include the obvious- that I should never have been the candidate and I have no idea how to lead a nation).

And as I said on election night, I truly cannot adequately express how indebted I am to you (I can- $500 as well as wasting about 6 months of my life), my entire campaign team (losers) and my running mate, Governor Sarah Palin (this is the ONE AND ONLY reason you were even CLOSE in the election).

The road was a difficult one from the outset (because you made it so by being ON the road). Yet, your faith (we had/have NO faith in you Johnny), your support (was not for you… it was for Sarah) and friendship (what?) never wavered (yes it did).

Just as I have proudly served my country for more than half a century (minus the time you were out of the military. Since then, you’ve been serving yourself and your state) I am as committed as ever to helping see our mission through (please, don’t be). So to continue the movement (Johnny- there is NO movement associated with you other than AWAY), I have decided to launch a new grassroots organization called Country First (this will fall flat on its face, if it ever even stands up).

Today, I'm asking you as a friend and supporter (I am neither) to renew your commitment to our common goals (There was nor is any commitment to renew) by becoming a Charter Member of Country First with an online contribution (nope). Country First will allow us to strengthen our Party (that YOU destroyed), better define our Republican ideals (there are no longer any republican ideals. There are conservative and liberal) and message (there is no clear nor compelling republican message), recruit and back strong, dedicated candidates (any associated with you are not) and continue our efforts to bring real reform to government (puhlease…One of the things I look forward to with your loss is never having to hear you say… “I know their names and I will make them famous.” Why couldn’t you just do it as a senator?) by always putting our country and the noble ideals she (shouldn’t that be capitalized?) stands for first.

Together (nope), we can make government more responsive to today's problems (I don’t want government more responsive. I want it LESS responsive and present in the lives of Americans. Please just focus on protecting our borders, empowering our military, building roads and bridges and then GO AWAY) and more answerable to the people (exactly NOT what you are about). That's why I hope you will become a Charter Member of Country First and support our cause by following this link to make a generous contribution of any amount today (will never happen).

With your help we can work to elect these new leaders to Governorships, Statehouses, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 and beyond (all of which will be running FAR AWAY FROM YOU). Once in office they will become fierce advocates for limited government (sure), economic opportunity (spread the wealth), personal responsibility (Orwellian double-speak) and strong national security.

On Election Night last year, I called on all Americans not to despair of our present difficulties but to believe always in the promise and greatness of America (and no one was listening to you), because nothing is inevitable here (what the heck does that mean?).

Today, I am asking you to join Country First to continue fighting for the worthy cause of revitalizing both our democracy and our Party (what worthy cause? You never clearly defined it. You flubbed it all Johnny). Our goals will never be realized if your voice falls silent (They won’t fall silent. But you still won't hear them because you either choose not to, or you’re far away from those speaking truth).

You are the best hope for our country's success (yikes- If I'm the best hope, we're in more serious trouble than I thought). Please stay in this fight with me (you never really fought. You just sort of sat in your boat and floated down the river); our country needs your service now as much as ever. I know that together (without you) we can make a difference - we already have (what?).

Again, I thank you for your unwavering friendship and support (consider me wavered. Permanently when it comes to you).

Sincerely (you're anything but sincere),
John McCain

Please visit this page if you want to remove yourself from the email list. (the best words in the letter)