Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama Supporter Failed

Christians take a bold step when they affix a fish on the back of their car.

They tell the world they are believers, and the world watches closely. Mainly to see if they cut other drivers off, speed, flip birds or in other ways act hypocritical (which is just one of the reasons I don't have one).

Obamians take the same risk. The true believers that have Obama08 stickers on their cars are telling the world they believe in Obama, and follow in his ways and teachings.

This morning, about 20 minutes ago, a true believer pulled out in front of me. There on his dirty Mercedes Benz station wagon back window was his badge of belief: Obama08.

He was speeding AND had at least two grossly under inflated tires. Isn't this in violation of the dear leader's directive to solve our foreign oil dependance by driving the speed limit and properly inflating our tires?

And it was belching exhaust.

What about the dear leader's insistence that we get tune-ups? Also, he had a back light out and blew through a red light.

At least he didn't have a fish on his bumper too.