Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Want Obama To Fail

You cannot go head to head with Obama until you take him down. Take him down, make him pay, and then we can have a conversation.

We will take to the streets right now, we will delegitimize Obama, discredit him, and do whatever it takes, but never accept him!

We certainly don’t want him to succeed too much.

I certainly hope Obama doesn’t succeed.

Republicans aren’t particularly thrilled that the recession appears to be one the wane. One top Republican advisor said privately, ‘No questions, it’d be easier for us if things were bad. That’s the dilemma of being in the opposition. You have to hope for the worst.’”

I don’t care for the way the Obama administration conduct themselves. I think as Republicans, we don’t want to see anything nice to happen to the Democrats, and you don’t want them to have progress.

I think Obama is a loser.

You know, God bless him, bless his heart, Obama is a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject.

And on the war on terror, these last words…

Even if the military escalation in Iraq showed signs of progress, efforts by Obama to stabilize the country have been a complete failure.

Let me be clear- There is NO military solution in Iraq, and there never was.

My guess is that a few things are running through your head if you’re still reading this post all the way to this point. First, that I really hate Obama, and second, that I am not able to string together sentences and paragraphs into a coherent post. You'd be wrong on both accounts.

Before you get too angry at me, or leave nasty comments on how I should, as an American citizen, accept Mr. Obama as my president, that he’s the leader of all of us now, that I should accept the will of the majority that elected him, that my spouting off about Obama is un-American and counterproductive, even treasonous, know this…

The words above are not mine. Including the post title. They were spoken by others about George W. Bush. To read them correctly, wherever you read OBAMA, replace it with BUSH. And wherever you read REPUBLICAN, replace it with DEMOCRAT, and vice versa.

Now, read the post again from the top, and be aware of who spoke these words (in order of appearance above):

Nancy Pelosi
Jesse Jackson
Bill Press (Democrat pundit on CNN)
James Carville
The Philadelphia Inquirer
John Stewart
Nancy Soderberg (Former Bill Clinton aide)
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama

Enjoy reading the post again, and challenging your perspective of those who want Obama's agenda (not the person, or the office, or the country) to fail.