Monday, October 09, 2006

Quotes Collection 9

A collection of some of my favorite quotes:

Crossing the street is the best business plan we devise every day," Zyman says. "You set an objective: Get to the other side. You analyze the environment: Look both ways. You calculate how long it will take to cross, what the risk is, and you come up with an alternative. If a car comes, you don't stand in the street and say, 'I'm committed to the business plan.' You run to the other side. Changing your mind is a sign of strength.
-Sergio Zyman

I don't run things…I lead things.
-Steve Case

The only way to be successful, particularly in a rapidly growing, rapidly changing market is to hire terrific people and point them generally in the right direction. And let them go.
-Steve Case

Here lies a man who knew how to enlist into his service people better than himself.
-Andrew Carnegie, epitaph

We expect more from ourselves than we have any right to by virtue of our endowments.
-Oliver Wendell Homes

There are those who work all day, those who dream all day, and those who spend an hour dreaming before setting to work to fulfill those dreams. Go into the third category because there's virtually no competition.
-Steven J. Ross

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