Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday was day two of a new agreement between me and my friend Gary. We are to meet each day, Monday through Friday, at around 6:15AM-ish.

I get there early, about 6AM, and he arrives late about 6:30AM.

The meeting place is a YMCA roughly half-way between our homes, some 30 miles apart. The goal is to spend some time on the treadmill and then do a bit of strength training each day.

Our casual agreement is meant to keep each other accountable and work on getting into shape again. His commitment is deeper as he is also just signed up to lose weight in order to benefit a charity.

Mine is purely selfish. I would like to fit into a few more pants that I own. My charity of choice for this venture is the "DigitalRich Long Lost Clothes" trust.

The pain has begun. And will likely continue full force for about a month until I get back into the swing of things.