Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes, You Can Make A Horse Drink

There’s an old saying that I always assumed was true: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him (or her) drink. I found out its not true at all. You can make them drink by taking them on another hot trail ride right away.

About a week ago I took L (my now 13 year old daughter that just celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago) and my visiting mother-in-law horseback riding. We headed out to Creekside Riding Academy in Franklin, TN, and plopped down $120.00 for the three of us to go on a “trail ride.”

As our trail guide Anna brought me my horse (Cinnamon) she proudly announced that Kellie Pickle had just ridden Cinnamon the day before. I told her that while I had no idea who Kellie Pickle is, I appreciated her telling me that.

Anna confirmed in her mind I was an idiot city-dweller with no sense of pride in Tennessee and its country music heritage.

Off we went on the “trail ride” which really was nothing more than a 200 yard path along the side of a creek, just inside the tree line, that we re-traced back and forth 4 times. There’s no way horseback riding like this could beat the current gas prices. We paid $120 to go about ½ mile total distance.

At the end of the ride, what coolness there was from the morning turned into blazing heat. Anna instructed us to dismount and walk our horses over to the watering bucket. L’s horse just stood there. He wouldn’t bend his head down or take a drink.

Anna told us not to worry- he was about to go on another trail ride and would soon regret (as much as horses are able to feel regret) not taking a drink. He would surely hustle to the water hole on the way back to the barn after the next ride.