Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teasing Hair

Last night I was doing some last minute errand running in preparation for a trip next week. This included buying a pair of shoes, some clothes, and of course the pre-big meeting haircut. I decided to go to one of the salons in the mall so I could take care of everything in one place in a couple hours.

I walked into MasterCuts in the Cool Springs Galleria Mall and found found a stylist available to cut my hair right away. As I sat down and she asked me how I wanted it cut, I told her the details of how my hair has been cut for the last, oh- I don’t know, 7 years. That’s the thing about being a man over 35- you freeze your hairstyle about that time and stick with it until the day you die.

My hairstyling request seemed very interesting to her. I had asked for a razor cut. She told me that not many men ask for razor cuts, much less know what they are or that they exist. I like them because they create a smooth look with minimal choppiness that comes from scissors cutting locks of hair at a time.

She asked me questions about where I usually get my hair cut, who does it, and when my last cut was. Which was, I told her, about 4 weeks ago.

“Wow- you’re hair really grows quick!” she said as she ran her fingers through my wild hair that needed tonight’s cut very badly.

A funny thought ran through my head- I had some serious facial stubble going… the early marks of a decent beard since I hadn’t shaved in 4 days or so.

I said “Yeah… it really does. Check out my face- I just shaved this morning.”

“No way! That’s amazing! I’ve never seen someone’s facial hair grow that quick. I've heard about it, but never seen it. “

She went on and on- even told the older lady behind me that was getting a color treatment. I never told her it was a joke.


Robert Murray said...

I will make a point to look out for you at ICRS and see your new hair do!!
Rob M.

Rover Fox said...

"I'm holding my breath to help cut carbon emissions. If each of us cuts the number of breaths we take in half each day by counting to 3 between each breath, it will be like taking 3 billion humans off the planet." DigitalRich

Your profile just cracks me up! Its like something you'd read in Pearls before Swine!

-Rover Fox