Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How Wireless Printing Ruined Christmas, But Makes For A Nice November

I am a boy at heart. And boys love toys. And I have plenty.

Not the kind of toys many other men have like snowmobiles, jet skis or hunting and fishing gear. Mine run a bit more techie.

I have a collection of no fewer than 8 digital music players. I sit at a desk with 3 computers, 6 monitors, 2 printers, 3 scanners (including a flat bed, negative and print scanner), video and music editing software suite, the latest Blackberry (I don’t want an iPhone, so I got the Blackberry and an iTouch), tons of woodworking tools, a commercial grade mower for my 11 acres, cameras, and so much more crap it sometimes makes my head spin.

My wife dreads Christmas and my birthday. She has no clue what to get me.

What brings me the most joy though are the little things. A leather journal, a fountain pen with an old fashioned ink well, a coffee/cream mixer or a cool innovative miniature stapler. Yes, I can be as weird as the next person.

This Christmas she thought of the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT Christmas present for me. The problem was that when she bought it online she printed out the receipt on the wrong printer. It printed wirelessly on one of my office printers downstairs and I found the receipt.

Telescoping BackScratcher. $10.00. 100% perfect, and 100% me.

I told her I found the receipt and we decided I’d get my gift early.



Anonymous said...

I have one of those backscratchers...they are great! Great stocking mine last year that way.

In fact, my wife, Tracy, purchased it from a website that has a variety of these telescoping back scratchers as well as a wide selection of beautiful handmade hardwood scratchers. I got my wife one of those...and we now have given several as gifts to family and friends who love them!

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

your desk sounds just like my husband's, 5 pc's, 2 laptops, all in one printer/scanner/ copier/coffee-maker/photo store/answering machine... ok maybe not so many functions, but maybe I can get him to invent one that does!
The home office was a good idea until he actually started working from home AFTER working all day at the office.... marrying a workaholic can be trying at times... at least the kids can look in the office and see that he really does exist! And yes, he too is a techie to the Nth degree and loves those wierd and unheard of gadgets...