Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered….

About toll roads? Aren’t they, in some way, proof that government is inherently greedy? I mean, we only really need the government to take care of a few basic things such as:

1. Establish Justice (courts and laws).

2. Insure domestic tranquility (police and laws that protect and serve the citizenry).

3. Provide for the common defense (armed forces to protect the BORDERS).

4. Promote the general welfare (provide common use infrastructure such as roads and parks).

5. Secure the blessings of liberty (by not being tyrannical like King George in England, and get the heck out of the lives and ways of the citizens so that they may prosper).

So back to topic- toll roads. When you think about it, government only really has to do a couple things- and providing common use roads is one of them. Yet toll roads exist. And they happen to exist in just about the exact places the population happens to need incremental roads to handle heavy traffic.

Then of course there are the toll roads that lead to toll bridges and toll tunnels and various other toll booths. Roads, bridges, tunnels- these are about the ONLY things government does right (besides armed forces and police), and then it charges EXTRA beyond our unbearable taxes?

To be in alignment with the onerous income tax code, what the toll extracting evil government should do is double all tolls immediately, and only collect it from every other driver so that half the drivers are supporting the other half.