Thursday, November 30, 2006

Follow-up to DigitalHome

A couple of things I forgot to mention in my previous post (DigitalHome):


Here’s a tip for using MagicDVDRipper. The free trial included with the download allows for 5 free uses. I thought this meant 5 ripped DVDs, but I soon learned it was 5 uses- literally. As long as I didn’t close the program or turn off my computer, I could rip away- I ripped many, many DVDs over a weeks time.

Accessing it all.

How do you access all this great media in your home?

  1. Dedicated Windows MediaCenter notebook connected to your equipment wherever you watch TV (TV, DV-R, DVD, etc). The notebook sits in front of all the components, and you can use a remote to control them all accessing TV, satellite, cable, your networked media collection of music, films, photos, etc.
  2. Wireless transmission of your media in various rooms around the house- simply plug a device in, set it up on your network, and access your music in any room.

Here are three models of players to check out:

Creative SoundBlaster

Sonos Digital Music System

Linksys Wireless Music Bridge

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