Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spaghetti Bolognese And A Nice Merlot

Last night Michelle made spaghetti bolognese (fancy name for spaghetti and meat sauce) and I cracked open our last bottle of merlot. Its time for another trip to stock up soon.

After dinner I retired to my office to get in a few hours of work- it’s the end of the month and time for documenting the months work and issuing invoices. It’s the worst time of the month for me. If I have to do it, a large glass of merlot along for the ride at least makes it bearable.

So, a couple hours later I took my last swig and savored the end of the house wine. As I did I felt something in my mouth, and thought perhaps (sorry for the grossness here, but it gets worse) a bit of basil or pasta had been caught in my teeth and had washed out in the wine. I picked the bit of food off my tongue with my fingers and was about to toss it into the garbage can when I realized what it was. I froze. I stared. My stomach turned. I grabbed my wine glass and spit whatever I could out of my mouth into it.

It was a fly.

About a half hour or so before I had finally rid myself of a bothersome fly that kept buzzing around my head. I grabbed a DVD case and swatted away. I was certain I made contact- I heard something- but I wasn’t able to find the victim. I searched around the desk and on the floor, but no dead fly body. Now I know what became of him.

I ran and got a glass of water, washed my mouth out several times, and started to feel sick. I assured myself that any nasty bacteria or other germs on the fly were killed by the alcohol in the merlot…but I’m not entirely sure of that. By the way, If you’re looking for a nice merlot that is affordable, tastes great, and has body, try Toasted Head.


Christa said...

YIKES! I do like Toasted Head - preferably sans fly.

Well, in the end he did what flys rarely get any chance to do once dead...have some sort of revenge. :)

I remember when I was mountain biking and chewing gum...and ended up chewing a fly right into my Wintergreen. Pulling it out of my mounth, because it's texture was funny, I almost crashed when I saw what was torn to bits and embedded in the goo.

There are some spine shivers that just don't diminish with time. :)