Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Conundrum

We have everything we need, in material terms. A home, safe neighborhood, space, plenty of food, music, movies, televisions, surround sound, Tivo, clothes (man…do we have clothes), toys, digital music players (last count, somewhere around 10 of them), and on and on and on.

And so Christmas comes again. Yet another year of running around buying stuff to give to people and each other. What do we buy? What do we ‘need’?

This cycle and focus on gifts is driving me crazy. Michelle too. But we still have two young ones that relish the magic of Christmas morning and the gifts from Santa. We have always been modest with gifts- we don’t go crazy. Santa brings each girl one gift a year plus a stocking, and we give the girls a few other gifts as well. But with 4 kids, and an ever growing extended family, what once was a month where we spent $300 or $400 is now a couple grand when all is is said and done.

And how are we better for it? In January, how are we different, other than the burden of the new stuff accumulated?

We want to do it different this year. But we are not on a course yet to do so. Do we forgo most of the gifts and take a nice vacation? How do we help others instead of helping ourselves to the plenty God has provided us? We are searching and talking and thinking about it.


Liza on Maui said...

Have you come up with bright ides yet? I'd like to hear some of them :)

DigitalRich said...

Nothing. Same old, same old.


jan said...

This is something we've wrestled with for 23 years! My mother-in-law goes crazy every Christmas and buys waaaaaaayyyy too much stuff for the kids. It was/is hard to counter that with an attitude of giving.
Have you thought about just drawing names with the extended family? That would cut down on the expense anyway. I suggested that one year for our extended family but it backfired. My mother-in-law took it as a hint and sent us a check so we could go out and shop for everyone!
I'll be back to see if you come up with anything. (That's not a threat. :-)) I'm just hoping someone somewhere can solve this "American" problem.

Liza on Maui said...

Digital Rich Daily - Almost - LOL!
That was funny when I noticed it today :)