Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maybe Your You-Know-What CAN Smell Like Roses

This has to be, hands down, the funniest new product I have seen in some time. Its aroma therapy for your arse.

Here’s the text from the ad (since it’s too small to read on this post):

Zum Bum

After a few spritzes on some T.P. and a few dainty dabs on your tushie, you will definitely have that, you know, oh-so-fresh feeling. So come on, booty up to our new “bidet in a bottle,” made with naturally soothing witch hazel, pure essential oils and vegetable glycerin.”

The hang tags on the various bottles read:
“Booty duty calls”
“Stinky rear ends here”
"Dump stinky rump.”

Hilarious! I know these folks well- they are the lovely people from I have shopped with them for years online, and even use them often for Christmas gifts to friends and family. One year they got all my gifts (25 or so) shipped out with the wrong gift cards- huge mess, and they fixed it quick by contacting everyone and apologizing and sending me a huge free shipment of soaps.

I think this year I may make this THE DigitalRich gift to friends. How funny will that be?

I guess the only thing that could possibly top this would be some sort of pill or liquid you consumer to make ALL your bodily functions smell mountain fresh.


Liza on Maui said...

quite a hilarious post! However, I wouldn't mind getting one of those as a gift :) . When I gave birth to my first son, our hospital gave me something similar to this zum bum (although not as fancy) and it actually works well - LOL!!!!