Friday, January 04, 2008

Something Is Happening

There is something going on deep in my very being.

In the deep and secret places of my heart and mind there is a shift going on.

I cant explain it, I cant really even define it.

The last couple of months God has been moving inside me.

Moving out the old comfortable furniture and art hanging in the home of my heart.

The fact is, the furniture there is pretty crappy.

Its old, broken down, and threadbare.
What He is moving in is radically different.

The equivalent of shifting from the d├ęcor of a disgusting trashed living room to a brand new brighly furnished home.

That’s about the best way I can describe it.

The last several weeks the words of the Bible I am reading are pounding in my head like never before.

The lyrics I’m singing are almost scorching my throat as I sing them.

I am being moved.
Moved somewhere new.
I need this.