Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corrupted Youth?

I found these two unrelated articles about Israel to be, in some ways, quite related. I read them on the same day and simply connected the dots. At least in my own mind.

Is it reported that officials from the Israeli government invited the two surviving Beatles (Paul and Ringo) to perform at the 60th anniversary of the country’s creation this May. This seems to be some sort of apology for what the government did some 40 years ago.

Apparently the Beatles had been booked to appear in Israel in 1965, but government officials refused to grant the necessary permits, citing concerns that the band could corrupt the morals of Israeli youth.

Fortunately for Israel, the avoidance of the evil Beatles music played live in the Holy Land has saved the youth and kept them pure and white as the wind driven snow.

Or did it?

Moments after reading this article I stumbled on this one:
Israeli Knesset member Zeev says: “Gay 'plague' could destroy Israel”,7340,L-3500042,00.html

Perhaps if the Beatles back in 1965 had been allowed to perform songs like “And I Love Her,” “She Loves Me” and “Girl” they wouldn’t be having these problems now.


Anonymous said...

If we look back on those times and the changes that came with them, if we had stopped them then would we be having the problems of our youth now? Would we seeing Brittney's problems?