Saturday, February 02, 2008

That Time Of Year Again

Softball is back. This morning K, L and I showed up to help out with Girls Softball Association of Franklin's registration day.

The morning started off at 9AM with moving tables and folding brochures in preperation for the arriving moms, dads and girls.

This year, again, I will have all four of my girls playing and me playing the role of assistant coach on four teams.

I am legend. Not in the Will Smith sense- only in that the entire league of 33 teams, 70 coaches, 400 girls and some 20 or so umpires all await the practice and game schedule after the association president custom designs it around me.

He kindly and graciously builds the schedule making sure that I don't have overlapping practices and games, and that enough time is built in so I can get from field to field for each game.

Practices start in early March, and soon I will be out again on the softball fields for 8 practices and then 8 games a week into early June.