Friday, February 01, 2008

Singing Girls

Every once in awhile I find a female vocalist that I really dig. Usually its because they sing in a scale that I am able to meagerly follow along with when no one is around to hear.

There is a new breakout artist named Sara Barilles that I’m particularly digging. Her song “Love Song” is not only a lyrically beautiful, but frighteningly catchy.

Kind of reminds me of early Michelle Branch. You can check it out on

I don’t know how much depth there is to Sara behind the music…perhaps plenty...but one female vocalist I have been watching for some time I know has depth beyond measure.

I met Vicky Beeching several years ago when she was first signed to EMI. We invited her to perform a cozy acoustic set for the sales and marketing team retreat.

The plan was to have a day of hiking and outdoor sports, picnic lunch and music. While it was fun, the day was horribly hot and sweat was rolling down the faces of everyone around. Vicky showed up picture perfect and managed, despite the unbearable heat, outside under a gondola in the woods with no breeze, to play beautiful music and deliver a thought provoking message.

While what she says has great value and captures the attention of the listener on its own merit, her adorable Brit accent doesn’t hurt either.

I recently discovered she has a blog- some great reading, interesting thoughts and questions, and a few funny pics. Check it out:

You can also check out her music on her MySpace page: