Saturday, October 04, 2008


Zero point zero-zero-zero-one-nine-three. Do you know what that minuscule number represents?

The total percentage of likely voters in the United States that have been polled, since the completion of the conventions, about whom they would vote for in the presidential election.

That is an incredibly small number. 27,388 people to be exact, according to That number is about ONE HALF the total population of my little town of Franklin, TN. And that’s supposed to represent the gazillions of voters that are spread from Hawaii to Alaska, Florida to Maine and to dozens of foreign nations where our citizens and soldiers live?

I just don’t get it. So many people live and die by the polls, yet year-in and year-out they’re shown to be just so much fluff.

I have NEVER been called by a pollster. No one I know has been. And, if they did, we wouldn’t answer it because we have caller ID and we don’t know who these stupid UNKNOWN numbers are.