Sunday, October 26, 2008

90% Weed Free

Today at lunch my wife Michelle expressed to me (read that as complained forcefully) that the rest of the family doesn’t help out enough in keeping our landscaping weed-free. She certainly bears the brunt of the back-breaking work- bending over pulling weed after weed, one at a time.

Its no small feat. I would estimate that we have somewhere around 2000 square feet of landscaped area. Estimating between 1-2 new weeds per square foot, per week, you can do the math and realize quickly that’s a heck of a bunch of weeds to bend over and pull out.

We took two cars today. We had to split up after church so Michelle could take one of our girls to a birthday party on the other side of town, and I had some errands to run (the dangerous trip to Home Depot where I traditionally spend 10X more than I intended).

After the complaints about the lack of help, I decided after lunch to head home and surprise her.

Its 3:30PM, and after 3 hours of weeding, we’re about 90% weed free. I really don’t think we can get too much cleaner than that- there’s always tomorrows weeds just under the surface of the mulch waiting for a new day to break free.