Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Counter Culture

I think I am. I think I’m rock solid counter-culture.

The evidence?

1. I not only didn’t vote for Mr. Obama, I’ve actually not listened to a complete sentence he’s uttered since taking office. While not voting for him isn’t counter-culture (you may recall 60 million people voted against Obama), I think not listening to him read his teleprompter counts for something.

2. I’ve never watched a single episode of any reality TV show. No survivor, no Great Race, Biggest Loser, or anything else. Ever.

3. I cant stomach pop culture heroes or celebrities. On my short list of things I would get rid of if I ruled the world, celebrity shows and rags would be pretty high on the list.

4. I’ve never watched a full episode of American Idol. I’ve seen bits and pieces, and its just too painful to watch.

5. I believe in and support a few no-brainers: a secure border and immigration law, low taxes, a reduced federal government (by 50% or more) and reduced state government (by 30% or more), an end to most entitlement programs, the privatization of social security, and much more. Don’t tread on me baby.

6. I put God, family and country ahead of everything else.

7. I believe the United States of America is this worlds last great hope for personal liberty, peace and security…. And its about 60% gone as we’ve come to know and love it.


Anonymous said...

#11 - You wear politically correct t-shirts from Rad Right Tees.

Unknown said...

I love the comment "7. I believe the United States of America is this worlds [sic] last great hope for personal liberty, peace and security…." This seems a pretty common American sentiment. Obama, I think, said just the other day that the world can't expect the US to solve the world's problems alone. Funny because I was thinking that it would be a great thing if the US just didn't screw up the world, never mind the hard job of "fixing it". Not listening to Obama is fine by me, but for God's sake inform yourself about what your country has done in the name of freedom, democracy and peace. It's not difficult to do. The record is written for all to read who can read.

DigitalRich said...


Thanks for the comment- and yes- I do keep myself informed by reading about 1-2 hours of news a day from sources around the world (those often labeled everything from liberal to conservative and in-between). Additionally, I have no problem reading what Mr. Obama says- I just can't stomach the poor delivery, halting speech, and modulated tone as he reads his teleprompter. As I see it- by reading the exact words he himself was reading from teh teleprompter, I'm cutting out the middle-man.


Mary said...

Love this one full agreement, and never watched him, either.

I think I need to read more of your blog!