Sunday, February 20, 2011

CLOSED for Business

It was about a year ago that I shut down my little consulting business, RP Business Development, to accept a full-time job offer. Here are the final words left on the "front door" of the business (i.e.- the landing page for the website that is now, as of today, turned off by my former web hosting company):

RP Business Development is no longer operating. We sold our company to the Federal Government for $127 Billion Dollars in stimulus money. Thank you for your interest, and your tax dollars. I now live on my own island near Tahiti.

Some good news- there were two new jobs created by this stimulus spending- my new private beach bartender, and my personal beach waiter/assistant/chair-boy. The bad news- the jobs are in Tahiti.

RP Business Development is now being operated as a new company called "Government Business Development" and managed by the government's Consulting Czar, DeWayne "New Paradigm" Peterson. The government is running it a bit differently- they're consulting community organizations but instead of charging a consulting fee, the community organizations get to charge the government.