Monday, December 15, 2008

When Anchors Float

I sense that the world is experiencing a sudden awareness that in this physical realm there is nothing of substance to anchor oneself to. At least this latest generation is learning this lesson that has been learned for countless generations before.

The worldwide economic situation is unstable. Fear is rising. The super-rich are becoming distraught as billions of dollars of their wealth disappear. The average American is also now very concerned as neighbor’s homes are foreclosed, 401K values slip even further below what seemed for sure to be the floor in October, and the illusionary safe-haven of home value becomes a vaporous cloud.

Automakers on the brink, schools in shambles, the treasure of the next generation being squandered on the silly gamble of throwing good money on top of collapsing companies and industries. Things appear to be getting dire.

What are you anchored to?

What in this world can possibly provide stability and safety? Is it your home? Values are dropping and stray embers or bad weather can take care of that false stronghold in a moment. Not to mention your home owners insurance company may be on the brink of insolvency. Is it your wealth? Last week the world learned a respected and seemingly honorable financial giant was actually running a giant Ponzi scheme and $50 billion dollars disappeared overnight. Is it your family? Your wife or husband, parents, kids or friends that provide love and companionship? Any of us could be gone in an instant. Then what?

What are you anchored to that could possibly hold you steady during the storms of life?