Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who’s That Girl?

Last week Franklin High School’s choirs put on a “Winter Performance” (winter of course being code word for CHRISTMAS). We dropped off our little K-girl and headed to dinner while the choir prepared for the evening.

I took Michelle and the three other girls to dinner at our favorite Thai spot- Chlay’s. We always enjoy seeing the owner Suwane (most people call her Pam) and catching up on family news.

After dinner, and placing an advance to-go order that we would pick up for K-girl on the way home after the concert, we headed down the road to Franklin High School. We took our seats and awaited the beginning of the show, Sony HandyCam at the ready of course.

I was a bit shocked. While I was certain we had dropped off little K-girl, what I saw on stage and on the viewer screen was not her. I saw an amazingly beautiful young woman. Absolutely gorgeous (she gets that from her mom for sure), and looking way to mature for my little girl.

It took me a full 5 minutes to recover. Flashing through my mind were images of a newborn K-girl crying at the bright hospital lights and then settling down as I shielded her eyes. Our little toddler pointing at everything in sight and awaiting the proper word and intonation from her mom or me. The stunning 5 year old trotting off to kindergarten with barely a glance back at us. And the uncoordinated and goofy tweenager starting to struggle with increasingly hard homework and the intricate web of life I call the female social structure.

She’s growing up way to fast. It’s no longer years and years ahead of us having this precious person in our daily life… we’re down to months now. About 32 of them. Oh man, this is starting to get real hard.


Anonymous said...

so is Chlay pretty good? i always see it over there by the dirty Kroger and i'm curious. i'm a thai fan. we typically do a rotation of koi, royal thai and jasmine.

jeff jackson

DigitalRich said...

Hey Jeff!

Good? Well, what I really like about Chlay's is Suwane. She's a precious young lady that is running the place on her own and working way to hard. We've grown to love her and want to support her in any way we can. While I wouldn't recommend everything on their menu, I do think their Khang Ree (yellow curry, its not on the menu- you have to ask for it), yum salad (cold meat salad) and Drunken Noodles are the best in the area.

For Massuman Chicken I go to Jasmine's (and get it native hot), and for Pad Thai or Kao Pad (spicy fried rice with tomato and cucumber) I head over to Royal Thai. I also really like Fulin's new curry noodle (it comes with chicken and pork, but ask for chicken only). And surprisingly, Pei Wei's Thai Coconut Curry is pretty good.

We haven't been to Koi yet, but we've talked about it a couple times. Won't be long...

Liza on Maui said...

I absolutely know what you are saying about "them growing so fast"!
Mine are too.