Thursday, April 02, 2009

Why I Don’t Care About Global Warming

I know in this political climate, those are fighting words to many people. But here’s the rub: man-made global warming is NOT a fact. Period.

And if there is natural global warming (which I am 100% certain has happened in the past, and will happen again if its not happening now), or cooling, what can we puny humans do about it? Zilch. Nothing. Nada.

The earth HAS been cooler. There is no doubt. And the earth has been warmer as well. Heard the stories of people worrying about glaciers and ice caps on mountains melting that have been there for “millions of years” only to find caves showing ancient drawings and signs of human habitation?

For those most worried and active in the fight to stop manmade global warming, we find something important under the surface. A need to matter. A need for purpose. A desire to “do something.” Those things are noble and good when applied to the REAL WORLD. Really now, who is AGAINST clean water, or clean air, or fair housing, or … name your cause.

I'm for all those things- and I dare you to find anyone around you that doesn't care about the earth, or want clean air and water.

But for many people, they live for this. It's a constant journey to somehow and in some way prove to those around them that they matter. For the rest of us- and this is what really drives some people nuts- we DO have purpose.

We love others- our families and neighbors. Don’t you think the thousands of people that took off to Indonesia after the tsunami had purpose? I’m not talking about the government people or celebrities that had meetings or “raised awareness.” I’m talking about the people that went to lift debris off of bodies, and distributed food and clothing. Or those that responded to Katrina. Our church alone sent dozens of people dozens of times to the region to give direct aid. Paid for out of OUR WALLETS- not government tax coffers.

We have purpose in our spouses or children. Trying to grow a family of honor and dignity, of caring and loving. Purpose in our work to better the lives of our family and communities. Purpose in worshiping a loving God (which is of course the chief purpose of mankind).

When we stack up the real needs around us- immediate needs- what does it REALLY mean to turn our lights off for an hour on Saturday night to save the world, then fire up the ole 72” flat screen and watch 24 or American Idol on the Tivo? Give me a break. Al Gore here in Nashville didn’t even turn his lights off for a measly hour.

I turned all our lights ON. And guess what? The world was still around at 9:30PM last Saturday.

Want to change the world? Want purpose and a cause that has eternal impact? Praise your daughter or son. Hug your wife. Give food to a beggar. Volunteer. Go on, or support, a mission’s trip. Support a child through World Vision or Compassion. Give more than the 1% of earning the Obama’s donate.

Is it any wonder that so many people apathetically view the fear mongers that nightly parade on the news, or daily haunt the halls of congress with their constant search for purpose, virtually holding signs that say “The End is Near! We need Carbon Credits and Limits on Green House Gases! And more taxes!”

And they’re the ones that call Christians nuts.


Realtor in Toronto said...

Absolutely agreed, I don't understand the euphoria about this climate change. It has been happening for thousands of years, even before humanity was here. So why blame this particular one on humans? It just shows how we love to take any chance we get and make it into a huge deal and make loads of money on it. Because that's what this is about. People like Mr. Gore will be profiting from this hoax, it's very sad.

Take care, Elli

Anonymous said...

Humankind has no purpose and you people must be very selfish to let the seawater rise and millions of people will die don't think I don't need to turn off my lights someone else will do it, because if everyone was like you lot then all the ice caps would melt and people will die I know they will die anyway but it is good to stand back and say "I Did My Bit" but all you Americans can only think about watching TV and hugging people and what you are doing is decreasing the time until the inevitable happens it will affect you to not just others your horrible beaches will be swamped by water and all you fat Americans can think about is TV and loving you family remember this you too will be affected!!!!!!

DigitalRich said...

Wow. Deluded, stupid AND bad grammar. I can see why you're so depressed.

It's ok though- it seems you have found your purpose in life... turning off room lights. You go!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should really look up some facts about the chemicals that we put in our atmosphere and how they affect the earth's temperature. Yes the earth goes into cycles but it's not like we're helping. Things like earth hour promote awareness about our wastefulness and if we can solve that maybe everyone in the world could have clean water and have decent living conditions. Get some education.

DigitalRich said...

Anonymous No. 2,

I see that your view is that anyone that doesn't agree with you is obviously stupid or less educated. The irony is both hilarious and sad.

"Things like earth hour promote awareness about our wastefulness..."

So, you're admitting that there is no actual environmental impact to turning off lights for an hour. Progress.

You are also assuming that, 1) again, no one is as smart as you and we all need awareness raising, and, 2) that everyone is wasteful.

You don't know me. You don't know my track record of using resources. I can assure you of one thing- it's less than Al Gore's.

And if you want to have clean water and decent living conditions for the world, try liberty and economic freedom. It works every time its tried.

I would advise you, Anonymous, to get some education.