Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fraudulent Charges... Again

A couple months ago while doing my routine Saturday morning bill paying, I stumbled upon a charge to my debit card I didn't recognize. A couple hundred bucks charged at a motorcycle and moped store in Belgium. Figured pretty quick it wasn't me.

I called it in to my bank (SunTrust), and the automated voice instructed me to send a letter to them outlining the details and they would look into it. Within a few weeks the charge was reversed.

This morning it happened again. Same place, this time for $305.55, on a different SunTrust account (my business credit card). This time when I called and was instructed to write a letter, I pressed zero and spoke to a live person.

"No. I will not write a letter. I didn't do anything here- you were the ones that either let my data get hijacked, or processed a fraudulent charge for some other reason. YOU write ME a letter and fix it."

They said ok- they would send me a letter that I could sign and return and would take the charge off. Stupid bank.


Mary said...

Hey Rich,

We do have to be very observant in this dishonest world we live in. I've looked at my receipt when leaving KMart and Target, only to find there were charges for things I didn't have in my basket...turned around, showed them the receipt, and they have no do those things happen? Your incident, of course, was someone using your card number...very scary situation. Hope you get the letter with reversed charges soon, and to find out who is using your card!

God bless,

Unknown said...

Declare card as lost and get a new one. Report fraud to all 3 credit agencies and get at least one credit report.