Saturday, March 10, 2007

For Some Reason I'm Craving Grilled Cheese And French Fries

At the top of my list of favorite food sits all things Asian. However, after this past week I need a break.

Monday was take-out Thai from Chlay’s. Tuesday was Chinese salad at a nice restaurant. Wed was multiple dishes with a friend at a Vietnamese place named Miss Saigon. Thursday was Mongolian Beef with fried rice and chili paste at PF Changs. Yesterday? Eggroll and Kung Pao Chicken at FuLin’s in Brentwood TN.

I’m paying for it now in ways I shall not divulge.

At a couple of the lunches, as the check(s) were delivered at the end of the meal, fortune cookies were placed on the table- carefully arranged and matching perfectly the number of diners. As we took our cookies and read our fortunes, I almost took command and insisted we do it the way our family does but thought better of it.

It started with Christmas. To avoid the chaos of having multiple children shredding open multiple gifts in a cacophony of craziness that lasts 11 minutes, we instituted a tradition that draws out Christmas morning while also giving focus to each person and each gift opened. We go round-robin, from youngest to oldest, and each person opens their gift while all others watch. It allows proper attention to each gift, each giftee and giftor. It really does add importance to each, and each gets a chance to shine.

Some years ago we brought that tradition to each meal our family ate together that included fortune cookies. The plate is passed around, from youngest to oldest, and each chooses a cookie. It is very important to do this, otherwise the fortune you get will be invalid. Then, each person opens their cookie and reads their fortune for all to hear and comment on. I know it’s goofy, but it makes the time more fun- it shines attention and consideration on each person and the funny or insightful fortune cast on each.

The little things in life are much more meaningful and enjoyable when we can share them- when others can share in them, and when we take the time to add value by our focus of attention.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as you about fortune cookies - you gotta pick your own! Otherwise it IS invalid. If a person doesn't want their cookie if you eat it, the fortune part still "belongs" to them.

I save my more interesting fortune cookies and stick them in a little glass jar with a cork. People who visit sometimes shuffle through them and YOU KNOW we append "between the sheets!"

DigitalRich said...

I was surprised to find so many people online that keep their fortunes. We never do, but we should start collecting the better ones. I even found a few blogs that did nothing but show photos of every fortune and then a story about where it was acquired, what was eaten, and thoughts about the fortune. Fascinating.