Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Presentation...Hopefully A Good One

If you have been a faithful reader of DigitalRich Daily, or if you are new and have perused some past stories, you may have happened upon a short 3-part series I wrote called My Worst Presentation Ever.

Monday morning I fly out to LA for a new presentation, with a bigger opportunity than my last big one, and I just finished the PowerPoint deck 10 minutes ago. It is actually Sunday night 4/1/07 at about 9PM, and I have been working on it non-stop (except for sleeping, eating, church and softball practice with my girls) since Friday.

As a result, I did not post a daily story here for Saturday, nor have I done one for today. the last time this happened, I will back-date this post to make it look like it came online Saturday, will hammer out a quick Sunday post too, and all will be well and I will have tricked myself one more time into thinking I have kept my very simple commitment to myself to write daily.

It's so easy to lie to yourself.

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