Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Don’t Want To What?

“I said, I don’t want to be infaptized.” Said our cute little five year old R. She had a frightened look on her face, and wanted to make sure her concern was aired. It came the day after our family had a fun long conversation around the dinner table about whether being baptized was a necessary step to be taken to enter into Heaven.

It was a great time- fun arguing, good natured debate, mainly between Michelle and I, with our 4 kids listening intently and interjecting once in awhile with some bit of information they had gleaned from the bible or Sunday school.

I happened to have lunch today with my pastor- first time ever. It was cool. It was a great casual conversation, devoid of any deep theological discussion. It was a time of just getting to know each other. I did ask him though, at the end of our meal, to help settle the question for our family. He asked me if when I wasn't wear my wedding ring would I still be married. “Yes” I responded. “Exactly.” He explained that my wedding ring is an outward statement, an obedience to my bond and word. If I don’t wear it on a day, or any day, I am still committed to my wife, and I am still married. It’s the same way with baptism. The act of baptism is an outward sign of our following of, and obedience to, Jesus Christ.

So, we asked R why she didn’t want to be infaptized. She said having someone else make her go underwater was way too scary.

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