Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Was An Interesting Year

My entire adult life (which I calculate to have begun sometime around the age of 24 or so), I have lived on payroll. From Star Song Records, to EMI Music, to The Safe Side Company, always working hard to build and create, yet leaning on the safety of a twice monthly predictable payout. There were times the last few years of the corporate game where a bigger payday was possible. Annual performance bonuses, possible company sales that might provide a big pay day. But still the safety net was there.

2007 is different. It has been one of the scariest years of my life.

Waking up each day, getting the work at hand done, seeing various checks of various amounts arrive intermittently as the weeks and months went by, and all the time keeping an eye out for emerging opportunities and new businesses to start and develop.

We made it through. Actually making more than the year before. Not sure how that happened, but I think the federal government will be pleased- as they are taking a bigger chunk of MY money than ever before.

And what do I get for it? Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Huckabee telling me to vote for them so they can take more.

Happy new year.