Thursday, February 01, 2007

Check Out Last Month's Top 5 Greatest 'Hits'

Showdown At The Carmike Cinema Corral
A stare-down duel between DigitalRich and the mom of a 3-foot tall giant distraction during Charlottes Web.

The Burning Of The Christmas Tree
See how our family brings the Christmas season to an end. A bit sad, but that is easily overcome by the cool massive pictures of an intensely burning tree. Fire. Cool.

Mom And Dad Versus Hip Young People
OK. I am officially old. When I turned 30 a 20-something friend called me on my birthday to creepily say “you're no longer one of us.” This newest awakening at 40 was much harder to deal with.

Officer Birdhunter
What happens when, riding a school bus on the highway heading out on a field trip, a 6th grader extends the bird of friendship to a passing police cruiser?

Math On Moving Day
How I used simple multiplication and the power of observation to figure out helping my sister-in-law move to her new house would be as horrible as every other moving day I have been involved with. And how I made it easier.

Finally- the highest HIT piece ever on DigitalRichDaily...from November 29th, 2006:

Fly The Friendly Skies
A tale of hand-to-hand (or rather butt-to-face) combat at 30,000 feet.

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