Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Love Letter

We use the room on the bottom floor of our house as both my office, and a guest room when out-of-towners arrive for a stay at the DigitalRich Inn. I just pack up the notebook computer and bring it upstairs when I need to do work.

I have been on a two month journey to get the space completely organized. There’s plenty of room for guests, even with my desk, Brooke’s desk (we still call it that even though she doesn't work for me anymore), a queen size bed, treadmill and entertainment center. The room has tons of storage space too- 2 walk in closets that now store a massive amount of miscellaneous items- neatly categorized, boxed and labeled.

Michelle was with me one night when I was working on storing old pictures, letters, cards and notes. She found an old note from her sister J to a friend of hers when she was only about 15 years old. It was a status report on affairs of the heart to her friend, detailing how she was absolutely crazy about the guy they met at the mall. We gathered from the note that J and her friend had been at the mall, and they each met a different guy they liked, broke up into two groups, and spent time with each of their “finds.”

In the note she was telling her friend what an amazing kisser he was. She detailed her undying love for him, wondered if he thought she was a good kisser too, wondered when she would see him again, worried whether their love would stand the test of time and distance, and hoped this would be the guy she would always love.

I remember being a 15 year old guy. If back then guys wrote notes to each other, which under no circumstances did they ever do, no one would have mistaken the two accounts being about the same meeting or relationship. I would imagine if there had been mobile phones and text messaging at the time, the gent would have sent a message to his buddy that looked alot like this:

dude-met hote 2day @mall awsme bod-got XnYs-thats all. mayb nxt time more.hope so.she had frnd n I culd go4 eethr 1. think other 1 might have dun mor.u?

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