Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Does It Mean To Be A Human Being?

That's one of the questions I had to fill out on an application I submitted to an organization that seeks volunteers to help teach English as a second language.

They are located in Europe, and look for people to not only teach, but to also bridge the culture gap between two different peoples- the native people of the country and Americans.

The question hit me hard- how on earth do I answer that? On what level do I answer it? Physiologically? Socially? Spiritually?

I stopped thinking and started typing, free flow, and this is what I got on the first try:

To desire, try, fail, and try again. To sometimes think we are great, when we are really broken, and at times feel worthless, when we are truly priceless. To seek security and inclusion, to be tempted to love ourselves more than others. To spend our life on a search for meaning and purpose. To be hard-wired to know there is Someone greater than us, and to seek Him for protection from what we deserve, and the gift of what we don’t.

There you go. I think it's a pretty good shot at a very, very hard question...

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