Tuesday, February 20, 2007

K & Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday Michelle, K and I watched “Elizabeth” starring Cate Blanchett. There were more than a few scenes and bits of dialogue that made us uncomfortable watching it with our 13 year old girl, but K is very mature for her age and seems to understand that unfortunately the world is full of people that use coarse language and seek their own welfare above others (this resulting in horrible conduct such as theft, deceit, murder, plotting and all sorts of court intrigue- both in ancient times and the modern age).

K seems to hold a fascination with history. Just like her old man. She has traveled to Rome and surrounding areas, wants to travel the rest of Europe, and enjoys reading and learning about history.

Watching Queen Elizabeth in the film, as she matures from a young girl with barely a care in the world into a woman with strength of character, a clear vision for what is right, and developing immense power and influence, has to be encouraging to a young girl wondering what it is to be a woman.

Same thing happened when we watched Joan of Arc. These are women, no doubt as flawed and broken as any woman or man is, pursuing what they believe is right, called by God- or at least used by Him- to make an impact and change the world.

We talk to our girls about purpose and destiny. It is important to remind them that they have the power to change the world. It is also important to remind them that can take many shapes. It could be as grand as discovering a cure for a disease, or as simple as writing a book. As rewarding as starting a business that provides income and stability for others that allows them to raise and care for a family, or as private as serving a local ministry. As publicly lauded as being a doctor or nurse and saving a life, or as quiet and faithful as building up the life of a child as a mom.

My whole life I have regarded women as equals, though I believe men and women have their own uniquely God-given traits that are designed to support work with each other. But helping my wife raise daughters has brought on a whole new appreciation of girls as they grow into women. To see them process life and all that happens, to see their hearts and minds develop is awesome. It is so important to lift up examples of women that are kind, virtuous, intelligent and caring, starting with their mother, to counter all that the world has to show- what it presents as what a woman is, is about, and is good for.

Side note - As I prepared to post this and read back through it, It seems to me that my words make me out to be more than I am. To be clear so as not to leave any false impression, I can be an ass like the next guy. But at least when I am, I’m a self-aware ass.

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Christa said...

What a lovely post. I like how you state the the example they begin with is their mom. I've been lucky in having a mom who is all those things, and it's made a huge different in the way I conduct myself as a professional, a wife a friend, and perhaps someday as a mom myself.

Lisa @ Let's Talk Babies said...

Elizabeth is one of my favorite movies. I think it is good that you watch movies about important women with your daughters, great inspiration for them.

Here via the carnival of family life.