Monday, December 18, 2006

Apparently, The Grass IS Greener Here

I have often heard my wife comment that she wished we lived somewhere where there was more to do. I agree with her. Franklin TN (in the Nashville area) just doesn’t seem to have an abundance of family activities available- especially since our family greatly enjoys oceans, mountains, dramatic landscapes, and added recently- heartstopping whitewater rafting.

Imagine our surprise when we opened the local paper this weekend to find that (a site I take much stock in since I used it to plan a killer trip to Italy just recently) has named our little village one of the “Top Ten Hot Destinations for 2007.”


Turns out we are placed right alongside places like Vail Colorado, Kailua Hawaii, Breckenridge Colorado and Millinocket Maine by the folks at I just can't believe it.

Unfortunately the article did not list in detail the reason why our town was selected. That would have been nice- I could have used it to put together a nice checklist of activities.

I think what I will do is to go back to and research Franklin as if I didn’t live here and was planning a trip to this town that is 100 years and a few short miles from the hustle, bustle and honky-tonks of Nashville.

There is no doubt that Franklin, and the entire Williamson County area of Tennessee is beautiful (thought I would throw in a few pics from our town and surrounding area), but we don't yet have any pounding rivers, white sand beaches or soaring mountain peaks. Maybe in a few years.

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