Monday, December 11, 2006

For God So Loved Bloggers

I was sitting in church listening to our pastor Rick White when he broke out of his normal speaking pattern and delivered a brief sidebar -

“I gotta park here for just a second, ok? I don’t know that I have ever been so disturbed, more upset, more angry, that what I am right now at stuff I read that’s coming across the internet."

Ears perked, heads looked up.

He departed for a bit from the sermon on love and wanted to talk about blogging. Wow. I am a new blogger, and now addicted to both writing my own blog as well as reading others’ thoughts and ideas. I was very interested in what he was about to say- my meter needle hit the red zone.

It was a well delivered call for love and kindness online, and a warning that the internet in general, and blog’s specifically, are just an extension of our tongues. Through our words we all have the power to give life and lift up, or bring death and tear down.

No need for me to detail everything he said- if you are interested in watching the segment, click the link below, and AFTER the copyright segment plays, and the music starts, hit fast-forward in your media player to get to the next segment.


Once there, go to 21:08 to watch Rick White talk about blogging. Hope you enjoy.

My own sidebar- we had a world class guest musician perform. Brent Rowan’s guitar playing is enough reason to watch the first segment of the video clip. He is one of the most recorded musicians in history. Merry Christmas.

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Liza on Maui said...

WOW! I am a new blogger too and so I am very interested in what your pastor has to say. I'd listen to it as soon as post this :)

:) Liza

Liza on Maui said...

oppss, the link to the segment didn't work in my computer. I guess I don't have the program needed?

DigitalRich said...


Sorry the link does not work for you. I checked it again this morning and it worked fine for me. Try this- instead of using the link in the post that goes right to the media file, use this URL:

to go to the web page that shows the media file, and then click on the link "12-10-06" in the video column. It should start up for you if you have windows media. After the copyright segment and the music starts, hit FF to go to the next segment and then advance to 21:08 to hear the part about blogging. Hope that works for you!


Liza on Maui said...

I found out it's my browser that's the culprit. The link works at Internet Explorer but not at Mozilla Firefox. Anyway, I watched the whole thing and was blessed. Thanks for sharing that.

DigitalRich said...


So glad you were able to view it and enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!