Saturday, December 16, 2006

Great Night

As I write this it is just after midnight and I arrived home about ten minutes ago. This will be a brief post, and a shameless plug for a band I manage named the koo.

Tonight the guys played their third show in as many nights, and did a killer job playing a full 45min set at The Pond. The venue is a hole in the wall bar in Franklin, TN, but the place was packed out- SRO.

I have heard them play live many times, but tonight was the best set I have ever heard from them.

You can check out their website and hear three of their tracks here:

So far, they have had over 23,000 plays of their music from the site, plus a bunch more off their page. You can also check out some pictures of the band from a recent show here:

The only remarkable event of the evening besides the great show was when one girl sitting at my table was so into “Assbeater” (the last song of the koo’s set) that she knocked her drink into her lap. I got her napkins.

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