Thursday, December 07, 2006

USS Arizona

Sixty-five years ago today the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor killing 2,403 American servicemen and 68 civilians.

Thirty years ago, as a ten year old boy, I stood over the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor listening to a tour guide say that 1,102 sailors bodies were still trapped in the ship’s hull. I was horrified. I remember looking down into the murky water fearful I would see one of those men.

For ten year old boys, death- the kind that is explored in war movies, horror movies, action figures and video games- is fascinating. The kind I experienced that day was vast, still, dark, and very real. I had bad dreams for weeks.

I am so very thankful for our military service members. Those that served us in times of peace and war, including the brave men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan that are fighting on this very day. We owe them much. Thank you.

Wanted to share some information learned when fact checking this post- Every President of the US since Roosevelt, and every Emperor of Japan since Hirohito, has made a pilgrimage to the USS Arizona memorial. Also, everyday a different flag is raised at the memorial, and the previous day’s flag folded and given to a VIP (presidents, ministers, dignitaries, retiring service members, etc).

There is a webcam at the USS Arizona that streams video of the memorial 24/7 at

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