Thursday, December 14, 2006

As The Grass Grows, So Does My Brain

Each Saturday, from about mid-March until Novemberish, I get up and go through normal preparations for the big mow. Get gas, make breakfast, dress appropriately (raggedy shorts, holey t-shirt, baseball cap, eye and ear protection) and plan the attack (straight up and down? sideways? angled?).

The next four hours are some of the best of my week. Uninterrupted by phone calls, E-mail and the such. I usually finish the task with a handful of strong ideas to work through the following week, most business-oriented, some not.

Many people have their ideation peaks taking a shower or laying in bed before falling asleep. For me, it’s cruising at about 8mph on my zero turn radius behemoth mower. Part of my brain is still needed for basic things like motor control, avoiding the suddenly appearing bunny rabbit or field mouse, but other than that it is hard at work thinking through ideas, options and next-steps.

Now that the grass has stopped growing, I fear the ideas will abate. I guess I should get out and walk or ride a bike. Hey- I bet those landscaping guys are pretty smart. Seriously.

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