Friday, December 22, 2006

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged yesterday. I had absolutely no idea what it meant, so I headed immediately to Google.

Turns out it’s a game of online tag where one blogger tags five others, and each of those have to post five things about themselves that most readers would not know.

In return, those five tag five others, and curse them with the burden of having to think through what to post. The challenge is obvious: 5 things people don't know + you don't mind them finding out. Hard.

By the way, here is the link to the post that explained Blog Tag:

So here are my five things:

  1. I worked two summers in a rodeo at River Valley Ranch in Millers, MD. This included scooping up stuff from the ground, saddling horses, cinching bulls, and a very brief stint (like 15 seconds) as a rodeo clown.
  2. I am writing on online novel at a secret location. It’s not very good.
  3. My first car was a 1974 Chevy Nova that didn’t have a powerful engine, constantly overheated and broke down, and had a bad paint job. But I thought it was cool when I was 17.
  4. I have an uncanny ability to hit moving targets at a great distance with snowballs. My favorite part of the movie “Elf” is when Will Farrell nails the mean kid with a snowball one last time as he is running away. When I saw that scene I could totally relate.
  5. I deep down inside, way down there somewhere, like Barry Manilow music. Ouch. That one hurt.

OK, so here are the five folks I am tagging:

My friend and former co-laborer, FMF at FreeMoneyFinance
My other friend and former co-laborer The Eccentric Blonde
Liza's Eyeview
Tom at SMS100
Meg from Maine-ly Megan

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Liza on Maui said...

I'm in. But like in a "hide and seek" game, you have to count 1 to 10. Actually, make that 1 to 1 million....

I'll do it this weekend :)

Thanks for explaining what tag is - I was wondering about that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rich! Thanks for being a good sport about my tagging you and I'm flattered you used the "tag" I created.

I was only slightly ahead of the curve when I got tagged - I had been reading others' "tagged" postings so knew what being tagged meant. I figgered, nah, no one is gonna tag me. Too small.

You came up with your 5 things FAST! My tagger had to wait a few days. I like your 5 things. My mom STILL DRIVES her 1960s era Chevy Nova. She recently had the engine overhauled. Got a new hamster and swapped out the rubber band.

Barry Manilow? Ooch. I know the feeling. Copa...copa-cah-bana...I, uh, don't mind his music at all. And that's as far as I'll go with that.

I love your writing. I hope you continue!


Anonymous said...

I love tagging. It's cool to think about how viral our community really is. I was part of this tag scheme many weeks ago and it's still going strong! Also I like how I learn more about the people behind the blogosphere through these memes.

DigitalRich said...

Wasn't as bad as I'd feared when I first saw it.

Liza on Maui said...

done :)

DigitalRich said...

You sure did take a long time. Geesh.