Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Correction Number One

Michelle pointed out I made at least two factual errors in my post "Quiet In The Men's Room Please."

1. She did have to work the day I slipped off for the interview. Her mother drover her to work and picked her up. And, I think she knew about the interview, but saw it as just one more opportunity I was exploring due to my dissatisfaction at work. I guess the surprise was that I came home giving her the news I accepted a job offer on the spot, 200 miles away, and I didn't really know what the job entailed, or what it paid. Man, I am getting old. Got that part all wrong. Sorry.

2. She pointed out that the post leaves the impression she had a vote in the final decision, and I persuaded her to agree. Her recollection is that I gave her no choice. I didn't realize how smart I was back then.

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