Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Almost Heaven- Legal Fireworks

In most of the places I grew up private fireworks ownership was illegal. You could always go to the city fireworks show for the 4th of July, but to actually acquire your own significant supply of fireworks, especially as a kid, was a fantasy almost beyond imagining.

Occasionally some new guy moved into the neighborhood and was able to secretly import contraband firecrackers, bottle-rockets, or (fingers-crossed) M-80s. Those that did quickly realized they could start a business selling the illegal goods for around 25 cents per firecracker, 50 cents per bottle-rocket, and up to a buck for the biggies. They realized this of course because a few friends and I immediately offered cold hard cash when we learned they had them.

Sunday night I bought 4,000 firecrackers (that would be about $1,000 in 1976 DigitalRich money) for about $30, and of course the Goliath Artillery Shell collection with 35 shots including double and triple shells (with 56 assorted effects!).

Here I am at 40, and whenever I pass by a fireworks stand during the holidays, or the 24/7 fireworks stores near the state borders in the south, I revert to being a 10 year old that somehow has a significant amount of financial resources at his disposal. My wife has to closely monitor my spending.

For New Years Eve the six DigitalRich crew members went to my folk’s house, along with my sister and her husband and baby, my sister-in-law, my aunt and uncle, and my great uncle Raymond. It was a packed house and a fun night of food and games. My brain was only half there though…the other half ticking down the minutes until FIREWORKS…I mean, New Years.
At about 11:40PM we all went out to the front yard. For 20 minutes we shot exploding shells high into the air, and blew off the roll of 4,000 firecrackers right at midnight (they continued to pop and crack for a full 5 minutes). Here is a picture of great Uncle Raymond moments before we irritated every neighbor within a 5 mile radius:

God bless the South and their liberal fireworks laws.

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Liza on Maui said...

My husband and son absolutely enjoys "doing the firecrackers thing".

I'll show my son this 4000 special photo - he'll have a blast! :)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I HAVE to say it:

"Boy, Uncle Raymond certainly does have a big firecracker!" ;-)

Ok, now that I've been crass, can you tell me what devotion you use for your family? You mentioned it in one post and I can't find it.

DigitalRich said...

Ha! Very funny.

The link to the devotional book is in this post:


If you have kids older than 10, you may find you have to alter the stories and questions just a bit on the fly to make them more challenging. Since we have kids that range from 5-13 it works for us. If we just had kids over 10 we would not use this.

Anonymous said...