Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Family Song

Do you remember being a teenager and having a song that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend called your own? "This is our song!" shouted in the car as THE song came on the radio?

Those songs were constantly in my head- sung, hummed, and painfully and slowly worked out on my guitar or keyboard.

Now, married with four kids, my wife and I still have songs we claim as ours, but now they are family songs. Songs that creep out of nowhere and suddenly become a song for a season that each and every one of us find in our minds and on our lips. From our 5 year old up, the songs are just there- everyday- for a month or more until we are so sick of them they don't surface again for a year or more.

One of us, any of us, might have the song just pop in our head, hum a single line, and that triggers the other 5 in the family to start humming it, singing it out loud, or playing the song while reading or doing homework. And so it goes all day, until the next day comes.

Awhile back our song was Jason Mraz's "Please Don't Tell Her." We got so addicted to Jason so quickly, and played his stuff so much, that I think we have recoiled and won’t be back for a long time. This is one of those songs that when the lyrics are read on their own it is not very compelling. When it is listened to, however, there is something moving and emotional about the music. The voice is plaintive and crying out in desperation of an unrequited love that touches the heart in the mystical way music can. You can listen to “Please Don’t Tell Her” here:

Jason Mraz "Please Don't Tell Her"

Our latest “Family Song” is Switchfoot’s “Daisy.” This song came out of nowhere a couple weeks ago. It’s not from the newest release “Oh! Gravity.” It happens to be the last song on the previous record that has been sitting around the house for more than a year. For some reason it has just topped the DigitalRichCrew Billboard Chart at #1. The whole family has this one stuck in the head, and it will likely linger until mid-February.

You can listen to “Daisy” here:

Switchfoot "Daisy"

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