Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Blog Carnival- Carnival of the Storytellers

I am taking a shot at hosting a new Blog Carnival titled Carnival of the Storytellers. If you have a blog, or know someone that does, and story-telling is appreciated and practiced, submit a post here:

Deadline for submissions is Friday the 12th of January.

Carnival Description:
Our “heads” argue and make points, but our “hearts” tell stories. The impact of an idea, lesson or message is delivered right to the heart through a story, and we live out of our hearts. What takes root there comes out in our lives. According to Plato, "Whoever tells the stories shapes society." So what are your stories? Tell others of love lost or found, lessons learned, victories won, defeats suffered. Whether they’re real life experiences, or short works of fiction, tell your stories.

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