Monday, January 01, 2007

Check Out Last Month's Top 5 Greatest 'Hits'

Attack Of The Killer Cat
A tale of my 8 year-old's friend and tormentor.

Dinner On The Run: Coyote Food
Fun with flashlights, coyotes and cats.

Squirrel War
The final moments of a desperate screaming squirrel, and how after his death, he soared like the angels.

We Hurt The Ones We Love
How I murdered my best-friend, and what he (or she) must have been thinking in his (or her) final moments.

You Eat What You Kill
Roman street performers, a little boy and my career.

Finally- the highest HIT piece ever on DigitalRichDaily...from November 29th, 2006:

Fly The Friendly Skies
A tale of hand-to-hand (or rather butt-to-face) combat at 30,000 feet

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