Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Average Week

A series of mildly funny occurrences occurred during our somewhat normal week (the only thing really out of the ordinary was my trip to LA, spring softball games being cancelled due to below-freezing temperatures, and mowing the lawn in jeans, boots, layers of clothing, a jacket and gloves).

Today on the way to out to dinner a fire truck drove by with lights flashing and horn blowing. The driver was drinking a Coke and A called from the backseat of our van
“Hey- that guy was drinking and driving!”
We had all seen the truck and the men in the front seat as it drove by, and Michelle said
“Its ok honey, he was just drinking a Coke.”
“He was still drinking and driving. You shouldn’t do that. We learned about that” A said.
Michelle asked her “So, every time mommy is drinking her bottle of water while she’s driving do you think I’m doing something bad?”
“Yes. I just was afraid to say so”

At dinner, the same Mexican restaurant I wrote about in my recent post “
Sam The Fireman,” it seems the staff all know us now. The waitress asked Michelle as we sat down “So, where is your sister? Is she coming? Is the fireman coming too?”

At a softball game this week a young 11 year old kid hit on my daughter K (13 years old). Here is their exchange:
Boy: Hey- what’s your name?
K: K
Boy: My name is B. So what you doing out here? It’s a nice night, isn’t it?
K: My sister has a softball game
Boy: So how old are you? And what do you do for a living?
K: I’m 13, and I guess I go to school for a living. I’m in 8th grade
Boy: I’m 11. I’m in 6th grade. So you wanna go somewhere? Walk around and hang out?
K: No thanks
This kid has guts. He’s going places.

Last night the whole family went to Kohls. Michelle had a $40 coupon that was expiring, so we decided to use it to buy a new coffee maker. I warned the DigitalRich Crew that we were absoltely NOT going to shop around the store and turn this into a normal "girl shopping" thing that would stretch into a 2 hour clothes-trying-on, home decor pondering night from H E double toothpicks. Under NO circumstances would we be shopping for ANYTHING ELSE other than the coffee maker, then we were out of there. We went straight to the coffee makers and I found nothing I liked. I did however buy a lovely pair of deep rich brown loafers with a slight lift and supple leather.

Today I mowed the lawn in sub-freezing temperature. 4 hours speeding along at 8MPH in the cold with winds of 20MPH hitting me in the face was enough to freeze me to my bones. I mowed from 11AM until 3PM and missed lunch while on the mower. I went inside after finishing and though I was starving, the most important thing to take care of was my frostbitten body and washing off the stench of mowed grass and mower exhaust. I turned the hot water all the way on and climbed into the shower. After 30 minutes I still felt cold and didn’t want to get out, but I was extremely hungry. Michelle came in the bathroom to get something and I asked her if she could make me a sandwich and bring it in to me in the shower. Yes, I told her, I was serious, and was sure I could keep one hand dry and the sandwich out of the hot water stream I refused to leave. She wouldn’t do it. She said it was too weird.

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