Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cars, Movies, Television, Divorce & Music

On Monday of this week as I drove around the nicer parts of LA (Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City) I noticed something interesting. If one could get a sense of a communities priorities from the outdoor advertising that was prevalent, that part of LA would seem to be totally focused on cars, movies, television shows, getting a good divorce lawyer and music artists.

Billboards proclaimed messages like “Music Is My Savior,” “Men-Don’t Get Screwed By Your Ex! Call Us!,” and a multitude of advertisements indicating that life is not complete until you own a certain car that will separate you from the lowly hoi polloi.

And then the billboards about upcoming feature film releases and television episodes. All those bright and shiny messages, incredible cars and immense wealth, all contrasted with the many people I saw walking the streets. Poor, handicapped, rejected, illegal immigrants, prostitutes. All of them moving from place to place, dodging and weaving through $100K mobile cages that kept the owners safe and untouched inside, heading towards destinations with secure gates that would receive them and keep them apart.

I longed for home. I wanted to get back to Michelle and the girls.


Anonymous said...

The scene you described makes me claustrophobic and sad.

Some people can't appreciate what they have - they only notice what they don't have.

DigitalRich said...

Yes. I try to remember to appreciate everything our family has. I am thankful for our kids, our health, our family, our home, our peaceful surroundings, and the mere fact that we are for the most part safe and secure in this country. The blessings American's have are absolutely stunning.