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Carnival of The Storytellers 6th Edition

Welcome to the 6th edition of Carnival of the Storytellers.

This edition of the COTS was delayed two days due to an unexpected trip to Los Angeles I had to take first thing Monday morning. I got back Tuesday late in the afternoon, and then headed straight to the softball fields for Ks practice at 6:30PM and then As first game at 7:30PM. Good excuse, huh?


There are few things more fun than a walk to, along, or better yet- through- a creek with your kids. You can spend $500 at a Disney park and not have as much fun. Stephanie takes us along on her recent adventure out to the creek in My Amazing Race- posted at Stop the Ride!.

I had an interesting adventure submitted I wish I could share with all of you, but I can't. The author found it necessary to insert a few random profanities making it ineligible for inclusion here. In a nutshell, this young man was separated from his friends at a downtown club, cell phone was dead, and ended up taking a ride home from a strange man at 2:30AM in the morning. He joked that maybe this man might kidnap him (or worse). He was relived to find he didn't. This is why human predators have 'food' to survive on- people do stupid things. I hope he lives to be 30.

I must admit that more than half the time I read a post by TherapyDoc I don't get what she's saying. Maybe its because I'm not smart enough, but I rather suspect it's because I am not experienced with the whole world of depression and therapy. I have a bit too much "lift your self up by your own bootstraps" in me. She presents Chuck Mahoney and a preventable waste posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, "A true story, this one's about a death that shouldn't have happened, that could have been prevented and should have been." I totally got this one. Very well done, very creative, and what I love most about it is her positive attitude- you can make a difference. Don't let obstacles keep you from your goal of helping someone that is trapped in a very bad place.

Well...I guess congratulations are due Elvis D at 365fiction. I think this is his 3rd or 4th submission and only the first time I have included him. Mostly because he tends to write twisted fiction that seems to glorify things that shouldn’t be. In this post, Come Away With Me, he does it again, but this time manages to avoid any graphic language. What I liked most about it is the glimpse it affords into the mind of a psychopathic killer. If you read this and the concept of intuition fascinates you, you should check out Gavin de Becker’s "Protecting The Gift." It’s about how each of us has an amazing ability to sense danger, and why some people miss the clues that in hindsight are so obvious. FYI- he had a second post he submitted right after this that didn't make it. Sick.

A very interesting read...the kind that allow you to slowly stack up the clues to find out what is really happening. It ends up being a nice teaser as well to the book she wrote, and is selling, on her site. Well done. Nancy O. Greene presents Excerpt from Portraits in the Dark: A Collection of Short Stories « The Writers’ Block posted at The Writers' Block.

Alfa King presents What Type of Writer Should You Be? posted at Alfa King Memories. Interestingly it neither is a real post (only 27 words written by the author), nor is it funny (though the author submitted this under the Humor category. I included it simply because I found the link offered to be mildly interesting. A quick survey results in a report on what kind of writer you are.

Hueina Su did a great job of describing her own post. She submitted it under the category of Memories, but it would fit just as well under Real Life or Advice. Great words of wisdom. She presents Take Time for Friendships posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul, saying, "Remember that story of a mom telling her soon-to-be-married daughter to never let go of her girlfriends? In our super-busy society, it's easy to neglect the important relationships in our life. Being a life coach, I'm very familiar with the negative impact of that. As I navigated through school, career, marriage, and motherhood, I became more and more appreciative and grateful for my old friends. No matter how busy you are, I hope you take time to nurture the significant friendships in your life."

LolaLondon presents 1. Tell me a story, Jackanory... posted at L'undone, saying, "Here is a tale of high-weirdness, big love, cyber-crime and the mutual insane obsession of two people that never even met. This blog is the true story of how it happened and how I got through it."

Though not particularly well-written (and I can say this being a person that on more than one occasion has not particularly written very well), this is a fun read that reminds me of one of my worst bosses. There are few people I learned more from. Of course, mostly it was learning how NOT to do things. Alan presents The Worst Boss Ever - Sound familiar? posted at Made to Be Great.

Back to normal. Another post from TherapyDoc where I really don't understand what she's saying. Oh well- I will include it anyway in hopes someone else will. She presents Work ! posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, "real life means work (for most of us), and how DOES one make the real life after work a little more, shall we say, interesting? dial it down, of course."


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therapydoc said...

Thanks Dig Rich, you're just fine the way you are, and who needs therapy, anyway, right?

Hueina Su said...

Very nice Carnival. Thank you for including my post and for your kind words!

Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul

DigitalRich said...

Therapydoc and Hueina Su- thanks for your kind words and for participating! I do appreciate it.