Sunday, April 15, 2007

Land For Sale

Hey- So a couple days ago I wrote that one of my obsessive thoughts is to acquire more land to add to my 11 acre mini-nation here at DigitalRichLand. A lovely 39 acre lot with a 100 year old tobacco barn and gently slopping pastures just went up for sale yesterday next door. Is that timing or what? I could annex the site and instanty increase the size of my retreat 3X.

I have put the call into my realtor. I want to at least imagine I can afford it for the couple of days it will take for him to get back to me.

I get about 30-50 visitors a day here at DigitalRich (that I can see- the ones that have cookies turned on and allow SiteMeter to peek at them and visit directly versus blog readers). If each one of you were to donate, say, about $20,000, I could easily buy the land.

I'm thinking about adding a PayPal donation button to get things started. Let me know if you're in. Even like $5,000 would be welcome.

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Gary Ashton said...

Hey Rich,
I looked for the 39 acres and didn't find it listed yet....I'll look some more :)