Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Trip To Los Angeles Part 2- Minor Miracle

After my flight arrived from Los Angeles to Nashville Tuesday afternoon I hurried to my car parked in the long term lot. I had to get home quickly to bring two of my girls to softball in about 90 minutes. K had practice and A had her first game.

When I arrived at my car I was startled when a man came around the front at said “Excuse me, sir, could you give us a jump start?”

After I jump started my heart, I noticed he was with his wife and their car with the dead battery was parked right in front of mine…among thousands and thousands of cars. They just arrived from out of the country and were exhausted. They just wanted to get home, had no friends of family in the area, and their cell phone battery was dead.

I asked them how long they had been waiting and they said 5 minutes. They had just arrived to their car on the shuttle bus before mine to find their car battery dead. They had prayed for help, and I arrived 5 minutes later. We popped the hoods and I had their car started in under a minute.

Pretty cool. My brand new car battery came in handy.

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