Monday, May 28, 2007

Carnival of The Storytellers 10th Edition

Welcome to edition number 10 of The Carnival of Storytellers.

This edition was fun to work. A few of the posts brought out strong reactions and made the task this week much more fun.

If you are a regular reader you might be interested to know that Elvis D's latest entry was booted for gratuitous sex and language, and several more were not included due to bouts of stupidity and boringness (is that a word?).

Read on and enjoy the posts that made the cut!


I found this post interesting even though I could not understand about 20% of it due to frequent use of a language I cant understand. Sometimes Toe is kind enough to roughly interpret, most other times you just gotta go with the flow and guess what the words mean. She presents Matabungkay, Part 1 (the Journey) posted at kurokuroatbp, saying, "Story of my childhood days when the family would go to the beach on a jeepney."

Here’s a slightly unusual post for a carnival- TherapyDoc presents Courage posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, "Extraordinary Comebacks--I had to review the book. Would it inspire you? More than therapy? Maybe yes, maybe no." So she gets a free book in hopes it will be read and commented on, it does AND lands in a blog carnival, and all she gets is the free book? TherapyDoc- I am a marketing, sales and product development consultant, and it seems to me you’re selling yourself short here. Get the publisher to agree to give you points on sales or something!

In this next post, Alfa King writes eloquently about the dangers “journalists” are facing abroad. While I in NO way want “journalists” to be harmed, I can’t get over the fact that I don’t trust anyone who claims to be a “journalist.” Especially when “journalists” claim to be unbiased and always report things exactly as they happened without any filter or slant. I would attribute that ability to Jesus, but beyond Him, everyone has an angle. He presents Reporters and Journalists, beware posted at Alfa King Memories.

Excellent post! I really enjoyed this, and was transported back many years to those exciting childhood kickball games. They seemed so important then- the whole world revolved around the game. Each recess we SPRINTED to the field in order to maximize the time for the game. travis simpson presents On Kindergarten, Kickball & the Absence of Cynicism posted at Symbolscape.

Very well-written and funny post about the madness of being male. Totally dug it. There was a comment to the post that mentioned the age-old complaint from women that men never put the toilet seat back down. Women think that is being inconsiderate. I ask you, if women are so considerate, why don’t they lift the toilet seat back up for us men? Brent Diggs presents The Ominous Comma » Hormone Poisoning posted at The Ominous Comma, saying, "I carefully concealed story about my wife and I surrounded by a scientifical mocumentary"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Surmounting Marriage posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog. Two posts in a row that go straight to the heart of the matter: the battle of the sexes. Is there anything more fun to talk about and dive into then the beauty and humor of how women and men are different? To truly appreciate it one must admit to the faults and frailties of one’s own sex and not just claim and cling to the strengths. We are ALL wonderfully designed and made, and need each other to navigate life.

An occasional mild profanity almost kept this out, but it is such fun reading I couldn’t leave it homeless. Rickey Henderson presents posted at Riding with Rickey, saying, "Oh you're gonna love this story... its a doozy."

Samir Bharadwaj presents How to anti-crash a wedding in 5 easy steps - a case study posted at I decided to include this post even thought I couldn’t get through it all. I sort of lost interest about 3 paragraphs in. If you read through it, leave a comment to let us all know if we should too :)

I too have a deep love and respect for those that have worn the suit of armor to protect and serve our great nation. There has never been, and will likely never be another- United States of America. Jack Yoest presents Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery posted at, saying, "Every time we’ve made the left turn onto Eisenhower Drive, and passed through the imposing brick gates of Arlington National Cemetery, I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion. Family members of those buried at Arlington National Cemetery are given a special pass and may drive onto the Hallowed Grounds to visit the grave of their loved one. It’s an enormous honor which makes me feel humbled."

Interesting. One of the benefits of running this carnival is…its mine. I am absolute ruler. I decide what gets in and what doesn’t. I also get to have a somewhat one-sided argument about the posts. Sure, someone can leave a comment, but then again, I can always delete it. So anyway, here is my take on this post. I believe Vera Nadine is either lying or deluded. She is either trying so hard to be important or fit in this world, or she is hearing voices and seeing things that are either imagined or evil. I find it absolutely amazing people believe in this stuff and yet think the concept of one true God, and his Holy Spirit and Son made man to save us is preposterous. It makes my head spin. She presents Medium Adventures: The Geisha Girl posted at Vera Nadine - Discovering true hope through the magic of spirit, saying, "A spirit psychic details her encounter with the spirit of a Geisha Girl."

Awesome! While I in no way celebrate the needless killing of creatures, surely this gent had a right to strike out and end the life of this pesky critter. I know from experience. Last year I had to BB-gun murder a bird that had taken up residence between the stone and wood of my house, clicking and chirping constantly a mere 6 inches from my favorite family room chair. It was a true single shot, and instant death. travis simpson on the other hand needed two shots. He presents Cock Blocking posted at Symbolscape.


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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you are really open-minded sort of guy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you DigitalRichDaily for including my post. I've linked it at:


DigitalRich said...


Are you opened minded that 2+2 might be 5?

Open minds regarding accepting what lies in conflict with truth is not a virtue. ;)

I thank you for the kindness in your response. You could have been mean but were not. I mean no offense in my brutal review of the posts in the Carnival- I cannot do anything other than offer my honest opinion and thoughts.

Liza on Maui said...

it was interesting reading the post of kurokuroatbp simple because we came from the same country (originally :)

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear friend.

This is just a quick note to let you know that the URL for my blog and for the article Medium Adventures: The Geisha Girl, which you so graciously lampooned, have changed.

To maintain unbroken links please take a moment to change all instances of to

Thanks and have a lovely day!


Vera Nadine

DigitalRich said...